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Vision & Mission
Our Motto
Our Mission's Instructions
Our Commitments & Policy
Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a leading school for girls, providing an excellent education for every student and continue to innovate so that each girl thrives in school and excels in life.

Mission Statement

TSTR School will prepare, empower and inspire each and every girl through an excellent education.

Value Statement : We believe in

All Girls Education

Maximising girls' intellectual, physical, emotional and social growth to be ready to face the challenges.


Staying focussed until the goal is achieved.


Achieving the highest standards possible.


Acknowledging the worth of every person and what matters to each one.

Innovation & critical thinking

Leading to bold, creative and considered action.

Leadership and Individual

Nurturing each girl through her individual journey to reach her potential both as a student and as a citizen

Citizenship and Integrity

Making a difference in the world by demonstrating responsibility, honesty, integrity and respect.


Looking outwards and rising to the challenges.

Cooperation & Teamwork

Sharing the vision and the effort to make dreams become reality.

Care & Compassion

Attending with sensitivity to the needs of others for the benefit of others as ourselves.


Seeking to achieve what is right and what is fair.

Ecologically Sustainability

Caring for the environment.


Our learning pedagogy

•  To nurture bold & creative thinkers

•  To be at the forefront of quality teaching & learning

•  To support the development of our anytime/anywhere (asynchronous) learning environment

•  To support lifelong learners

•  To listen to the students' voice.

Our learning environment

•  To build an empowering and affirming environment

•  To ensure our infrastructure is responsive to changing learner needs

Our learning community

•  To actively seek out opportunities to extend local, national & global connectedness.

•  To foster a culture of innovation and participation that respects the traditions of TSTR School.

•  To implement a responsive and accessible model for reporting to parents and students.

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