Principal Desk - Mrs. Moly John M.A., M.Ed., M.Phil.,





I feel greatly honored to be the Principal of TST Rajah Girls’ Higher Secondary School. Being an educator for more than three decades, I have enjoyed the privilege of interacting with students and teachers and I consider it a wonderful learning experience.

Education should aim at all round development of students, so that they are intellectually, morally, spiritually and socially groomed to face the real challenges of today’s highly competitive world. In our institution, students shine not only in academics and sports but also develop and enhance their creative, communicative and collaborative skills.

I believe that every student has the potential to learn and has talents which might remain hidden, if suitable opportunities are not provided. Therefore ample opportunities are provided in our school for the students to develop and exhibit their skills. They are encouraged to participate in extracurricular and co curricular activities conducted at the Intra School and Inter School levels.

We inculcate discipline in our students through the knowledge imparted by our dedicated team of teachers. We ensure that our students develop self confidence, respect elders, care for others, turn out to be life- long learners and thereby become responsible citizens of tomorrow. We recognize every student as a unique individual and bring out the best in each and every student. Towards this endeavor we seek the unstinted support of the parent community.
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