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G. Surulivel B.Sc., B.L.,

Education helps to do away with ignorance and lays the foundation for a strong future of India. It is the students of today who become the pillars of tomorrow. Hence the society has an inherent obligation to ensure that the pillars are strong in purpose and utility. It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness. Schools have the duty not only to impart education and sound knowledge but also to build character. Character,talent,knowledge etc., blossoms in schools, but bears the fruit in society. Therefore besides imparting sound education which equips the student with knowledge and wisdom, the schools of present age should ensure to instil good character which shall be reflected in the students’ behaviour.

Our T.S.T.Rajah Girls’ Matriculation Higher Secondary School stands a testimony for imparting education with a combination of all these factors. Our motto ‘ Discipline through knowledge’ reflects the activities of the school in the true sense. Both discipline and knowledge are vital for moulding a child into a responsible citizen, the future hope star of our nation. All the potentials and inherent capacities of each child ought to be identified and tapped to the fullest of its capacity, which will bring out the entire personality of the child to glory.

Our school is more dedicated to the upliftment of girls and also in ensuring that they get what they are entitled to and that they are instilled with all necessary moral values, courage ,skill and knowledge which helps them to be moulded in the perfect way.

Every citizen has a role in the destiny of his country. Therefore it would not be an exaggeration to state that teachers and school administrators ,in fact, shape the destiny of our nation. Schools, in short ,are like an investment in knowledge which pays the best interest for bright future.
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